BCW Deck Guard Boxed Sleeves (80) Grey

$5.20 $9.99 RRP

BCW Deck Guard Boxed Sleeves (80) Grey

BCW Deck Guard Boxed Sleeves (80) Grey

$9.99 RRP $5.20

Product Details

BCW Deck Guards are firm enough to protect your cards' corners, while the double matte finish makes them easy to see, shuffle and handle. Having clear matte on the front of each deck guard makes your cards legible across the table, combating glare. The matte back comes in a variety of colors, including classic black. And with strong seams and sturdy material, you won't bow out of the match before it's done. These card sleeves will turn heads as you crank up your game and tack another victory onto your scorecard. Give your other sleeves the boot and tap into your unspent power with Double Matte Deck Guards from BCW.

Use these BCW Deck Guards to protect Magic: The Gathering (MTG), Pokemon, Legend of the Five Rings (L5R), Dragon Ball, Transformers TCG, Force of Will, Cardfight Vanguard, Final Fantasy TCG, and other CCGs.

  • Acid free, archival safe. No PVC
  • Card sleeves that fit 2½” x 3½” game cards
  • Ideal for drafts or sealed tournaments
  • Clear, anti-glare, matte front
  • Grey matte back
  • 80 sleeves per box
Exterior Dimensions:
66mm x 91mm

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