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Sirius Anniversary Bundle

Part Number: 10SIRIUS0-06
Availability: In Stock.
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Each Anniversary Bundle comes with:

• (50) D20's that have a Sirius logo on what is normally the #20. All 50 will be of the same style

• (1) 1st Anniversary Dice Tray

• (7) Sets of Sirius dice:

10SIRIUS1-01: Sirius Dice Set - Pearl Grey / Black Acrylic

10SIRIUS1-02: Sirius Dice Set - Pearl Green Acrylic

10SIRIUS1-03: Sirius Dice Set - Pearl Blue Acrylic

10SIRIUS1-04: Sirius Dice Set - Translucent Red Resin

10SIRIUS1-05: Sirius Dice Set - Translucent Purple Resin

10SIRIUS1-06: Sirius Dice Set - Translucent Green Resin

10SIRIUS1-07: Sirius Dice Set - Translucent Blue Resin

For a total retail value of over $129.99

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